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Cougar's Mark  Vineyard

Cougar's Mark Vineyard is located in McMinnville, Oregon. The 2.5 acre Pinot Gris vineyard was founded in 1995, and later expanded in 2007. Cougar's Mark Vineyard benefits from Willakenzie soil (one of the premier soil types in Yamhill County). As the Willamette Valley continues to produce high quality fruit, Cougar's Mark looks forward to contributing to the valley's unprecedented growth. As a single vineyard McMinnville wine, we have worked hard to deliver a farm to table wine reminiscent of Mac's small town love. 

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2014 Pinot Gris SALE! - $7/bottle

2015 Pinot Gris - $8/bottle

2016 Pinot Gris - $8/bottle

2017 CMV Pinot Gris Reserve - $14/bottle 

2018 CMV Pinot Gris Reserve - $14/bottle

2015 CMV Pinot Noir "Vinifera" - $38/bottle

2016 CMV Pinot Noir "Piquant" - $46/bottle

2017 CMV Pinot Noir "Vinifera" Reserve - $52/bottle

2018 CMV Pinot Noir “Piquant” - $52/bottle

2018 CMV Pinot Noir “Vinifera” Reserve - $52/bottle

*1 case includes 12 bottles